Cannabis Infused Olive Oil w/ THC Calculator

Hello . and welcome to another episode of The Wellness Soldier “Cooking w/ Cannabis 101” video series. Decarboxylation Video …

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  1. Would this work with Decarboxylation in a mason jar in a convection/toaster oven and then doing the same thing you are doing here, cooking in a mason jar in a toaster/convection oven? I've read mason jars aren't meant to be in the oven and was wondering if they are safe to take that much heat for that long of a period? I'm aware of not going from hot to cold surfaces but just in general wondering if anyone's had the jars crack in the oven?

  2. Hi mate, I tested your method and it worked pretty well
    I have a couple questions as follow :
    1 – Does olive oil extract THC better than butter ?
    2 – Is there a way of using olive oil for a cake ?
    3 – Isn't the process of baking the cake (w/ already THC infused butter or oil) destroying cannabis chemical ?
    Thanks !

  3. so i fked up and baked at 225 for 40 min on an electric oven you think it will still be enough to activate the

    THC, also i baked 20 grms of afghan for a recipe for brownies that asks for 2/3 cups of olive oil is this too much weed for the amount of oil?

  4. It seems to me that you should not need to decarboxylate the cannabis before using it in this recipe. Would it not decarboxylate during the 4 hours in the oven in the olive oil? Thanks

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