1. The only thing i didn't hide while going thru the VA. system was i admitted to them is i loved to drink,party,fight,& black out "I AM A AMERICAN INDIAN & A US NAVY SAILOR " thats the norm for us ,so whats the problem right? i told my VA. shrink in menlo park ca. (WAR TRUAMA PROGRAM) 25 years later after i accepted help at the reno vet center, i received 100% P&T RATING FOR COMBAT (PTSD)/WITH ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY. Being in denial that you told yourself all those years your ok is a heavy price to pay its like fighting two wars the one you went off to fight & the one you brought back their no peace & you just can't win. Amazing how we think what we shouldn't say is what we probbaly should have said if you need to get service connected,don't let fear win over you when you need to tell your story.(WASHOE/PIAUTE NATIVE AMERICAN COMBAT VETERAN US NAVY)

  2. I was also Security Police. Leadership back in the day had a saying…."We will either help you through the door or force you out the door." Most of the times they would just hang enough paper on you that you became ineligible to re-enlist and watch you leave without little effort other than pinning you with a NJP or LOR/Control Roster.

  3. Some people get discharged with general under honorable condition. They get a waiver, to reenlist later,but people will find out later not as easy to reenlist even with a waiver.Government not so forgiving on waivers . Could be wrong on that.

  4. I went to a PTSD C&P today and the Psychologist said I can’t claim PTSD because I didn’t see death or near death, so I have to start a new claim for other mental disorders caused by service. Dammit

  5. Your story helps more than you know. I am a wife of a man who was put out on a medical before heading out to sea on a submarine. He didn’t do anything with the VA until later in life when the condition he was out out with worsened. The VA has fought him every step of the way. They are saying the condition doesn’t exists. The head if cardiology filled out paper work in his favor with other conditions that have developed from his original. They want him to go to another c&p exam since they have let his status stay pending for 5 years. He thinks they are trying to get a doctor to say what they want and is refusing to go. I want this to be over because his mental state stays on edge. Maybe one day, we will all have peace!

  6. I got kicked out… well med boarded. They call it retirement and let me keep my retirement benefits, but we all know what it is. I was forced out, and had the last few years of my career stolen from me. I’m still bitter about that… enlisted at 17 and I don’t know how to live this life without the Army.

  7. I didn't realize so many people have had similar experiences. Everyone talks so highly of their service regarding the experience of serving, but it's interesting to see how ostracized people become because their leadership sees it as a need or benefit to their command.

  8. I was facing a discharge for conduct unbecoming an officer. No really. I was a 1st Lt acting Like a Lance Corporal. I had been picked by the base MPs in a foreign country at 2 AM because the club refused to serve me any more beer. I ended up in hack for 30 days. I was fighting an internal beast. Whenever I started drinking I could not stop. I threw away a 14 year career. I would work my ass off but I was off the base as soon as I could to get to the ville. I was ordered not to drink ha. I was forced into an alcoholic rehab. I hated it. I fought it at every turn. I failed the short treatment and that was when they informed me I was facing a discharge for conduct unbecoming an officer. I reluctantly went to a 30 day program. I failed it. They kept me and let everyone else leave. Over a weekend they broke me down to tears and then sent me back to my unit. I was still pissed. I was ordered to go to the CAC once a week. I was a defiant SOAB. Somehow someway I finally got it. For my first year I hated AA. I am lucky I had an emotional breakthrough to which I could see all the shit I did. I became a model 1st Lt no really but the damage was done as far as my career was concerned. I was promoted to Captain with 1 year of sobriety. I was not retained after my 6 year contract meaning I was not good enough to be a Regular officer. The FAA took my medical license so. Could no longer fly. Fast forward 5 years sobriety and I walked into a Ready Room and was accepted back into the Reserves. I flew for three more years in the reserves and was promoted to Major but that was it. I blew out an ACL that the VA says I did it on my time and not on a reserve time, bastards. Keep fighting for your VA rights.

  9. I have not yet connected my mental conditions, but here is my list of the conditions that got me to 100%. I hope somehow it helps someone…
    10% Gerd
    50% Apnea
    40% Back
    50% Migraine
    10% Acne Scars
    30% Sinus
    10% Tinnitus
    10% Knee
    10% Rhinitis

  10. REAL talk. Your testimony is amazing and so are u. Thanks for giving us these tools to use and help ourselves. Knowing our back story can help us fight back and move forward.

  11. This is just me,when you can get to the point in your life where you absolutely don't care rather others agree with you like you or think of you it is liberating! When there is no longer anything left in your life to conceal hide or keep from the world,it is liberating! When you speak the truth rather it is about yourself or others,it is liberating! Just knowing what is true in this life and what is not is liberating! Combat Craig thank you for your honesty and your help to veterans from me the outlaw doppelganger of Jesse James!

  12. The VA sucks the sweat off a dead mans balls! I've received Honorable Discharge everytime I got out. Then realized they'd screwed me up so much no one wanted to hire me……So went back in…..got wounded and then Medically discharged. Now I work for the DOD as a Ordinance Disposal Tech??? Thanks for the advice, finally looks like I've got enough filed for getting over the hump and getting 100%🤞. Thanks for the info, you answered a question recently that I've been researching and asking the VA for years. It took you about a day to give me the right answer…..They took years and never did. "To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan". What a joke……They really SUCK! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP BROTHER!

  13. Do a self-assessment on yourself from head to toe. Make a list of every ailment, both physical and mental. Get the names of any witnesses, date, time, location, and their future contact information. Get your ailments documented in your medical records prior to leaving the military. If you don't want people to know you need to go on sick call, just take a vacation day and seek medical attention. The key is to get your ailment documented. The DoD / VA is not going to reach out to assist you.

  14. VA wants to think of itself as a provider for "honorable" veterans. The irony that VA is, itself, so lying and dishonorable is completely lost on them. Glad you got a handle on your stuff. Just be sure not to let it go this time.

  15. Hey Craig thanks for sharing your story talking about your personal drug addiction is rehabilitating it helps.
    This pass Wednesday Yale veterans legal service settled a class action lawsuit for veterans who were discharge with Other then honorable discharges. If you believed you suffered from ptsd or any other mental health issue you can reapply to get your discharge upgraded. This win affect all veterans in the country. The discharge review board have been denying applications since the chuck Hagel memo of 2014 and now the army have agreed to reconsider every denied application since 2001. If anyone know a vet with oth discharge pleas tell them to reapply for an upgrade.

  16. You brought back some real old memories. I was a Army SP7 senior legal NCO for a brigade in the early 80s. I supervised 6 junior legal NCOs at battalion levels, that produced Article 15s day and night. I was responsible for all UCMJ Courts Martials for the brigade, and only briefed and answered to the brigade commander. Sadly and against my grain , in the early 80s, we were ordered to prepare Chapter 5 discharges for homosexuality, and eliminate those personnel. I was sickened how some NCOs and officers found any reason to Chapter, Article 15 or refer to a Courts Martial. Instead of counseling or training!! Well, so much for my walk down memory lane.

  17. Craig, I found your channel about the time you started it. Since then, I've watched your videos and took the majority of your advice and went from 0% to 90% in less than a year. It's all about having a plan and applying a strategy to get your benefits. If it wasn't for you, I'd be peeing in the wind! Thanks for all you do!

  18. In my 1st C&P check up that made me P&T the FIRST question the psychologist asked was if I had been on the internet for this stuff. I hadn’t but thought that was a crazy question. Why would he ask that?

  19. i did 10 years and i to got kicked out although they gave me a choice transfer battalions or i can leave with personality disorder for threaten to kill the CO. i never got any discipline the whole time i was in the army not even a bad counseling statement in 10 years . what did me in was the CO heard a rumor that i had done something wrong and without asking me my side of it . if it was true or what really happen instead he brings me in his office as says he dont know if im innocent or guilty but if he every hears anything else he will make sure i do jail time . i could not accept that because i had done nothing wrong . from that moment on i could not see myself working in such a place where you go to jail even if you did nothing . my hate festered and grew not just by the day but by the hour . finally i went to phyc and told him that i was pretty sure i was going to kill the CO first chance i got ie rifle range . that is what lead to me getting out of the army .that was 1989 . right now im 100% p&t unemployability .

  20. Other than being kicked out our stories sound pretty similar. If I would have stayed in any longer I am 100% sure I would have been kicked out. Thanks for being real. Made me feel like I wasn't alone in this.

  21. So you mean I can claim that getting admin separated for a piss test in a navy sanctioned alcohol recovery program that they “couldn’t show me the results of is grounds for a claim?
    The drinking, anger and the depression, can’t hold a job is all claimable?
    I’m already service connected for depression while in service and for my back and knee. But can I open a new claim for getting admin sep against my will?
    Also lost a civil service job opportunity because of my service connection with depression and unspecified anxiety.

  22. violation of AFR 35-10, boots not shined….yea thats picky but thats the air force. I got a LOC once because the rubber paid on my crutches were dirty 3 days in a row. Yea, it was monsoon season, mud everywhere. I just said yea, monsoon, mud everywhere…how do I get from here to there without going through the mud. Ya know, at least I showed up for guard mount. Section supervisor was an ass like all of them are.

  23. Your story reminds me of that moment in time when I realized that I was trapped in the Army, in a foreign country, with no hope of escape from the abuse of my superiors. I reached my breaking point once I realized that my immediate chain of command was determined to destroy me.

  24. Great vid. i was FORCED OUT. I didnt get to finish my four years. I was humiliated, ,shunned, lost a promotion over saying "no" to a tech sergeant with an ego problem, accusing me of misplacement of forms. In 1986 we were engaging with Kadafii conflict. I was thrown in a mail room receiving bomb threats. I was shunned by my parents and homeless. I went to their treatment alcohol program and got bullied by a colonel on how I was leaving the air force. The drinking is encourage back then. The double standards and politics were terrible back then. I was fighting to stay in not leave. I did everything possible to keep it together. In 2018, I got 100 P@T. And they wonder why I dont play well with others. Bottom line. i used to feel guilty about my disability claim. Like i didnt deserve it. I still have high anxiety, frustrations and a temper. I have made it clear -i wont be taking their drugs. Today, I am learning to say I deserve Justice and compensation for the BS i went through. it took me over twenty years to get disability of any kind. Anything to do with the VA is long haul and you got to be in it for the long haul. I am now approaching 62 They owe me over seas metals. And I still got a general under honorable.. Keep up the good work CC. I hope this helps

  25. Combat Craig hey I have a question I've been 100 percent scheduler for Mental Health 100 percent and some other things but does me being in 100 percent for mental health mean I can't work because if work I loose my mind and if I dont I'll loose my mind as well so I just choose to let my employer no about my diagnoses so they can be aware just don't want to tell my doc I'm working if I'll be reduced I'll just quit because tbh ill end up just losing the job eventually anyway being paranoid

  26. After my deployment to Afghanistan I fell into depression and medicated it with alcohol, it was not causing me trouble at work, but it was steadily getting worse and I ended up having 1 major incident of not showing up to an important deadline and then another alcohol incident a year later. The second incident was the last straw and they kicked me out. I was told they would get it done in a couple of months but the entire thing took them a year to get me out, my mind was not in a good place during this time but I ended up getting 100% p&t. It's been a year since then and I still havent healed and dont know what to do next but I'm working on my physical and mental health now.

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