Brown Leaves on Marijuana Plant

Brown leaves on marijuana plant? This is how to check cannabis phosphorus deficiency. Cannabis nutrient deficiencies can negatively affect your cannabis …

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  1. Nice Video Amigo And info and the one week later was awesome Result i have the same ich probleem my leaves are yellowing below and up and grow is nah not good other 2 plants z of them is very good and the 3 one below leave big fkers are beginning to be rusty ich from below my ph is 6,1 can you help and give me some info plz

  2. Nice video man , I just am starting to run into this problem , I watered with regular water last time I think they are just hungry but will add some bloom in if it continues , a lot of other Chanel’s go out and get or use this other expensive stuff , I wish they would tell us how to fix if we don’t wanna buy other specific nutrients . I run remo nutes man and it rocks

  3. My weed plant is 9 days old and I started seeing brown spots 1 day ago and saw your video and gave it some extra calmag but now my leafs are curling down, which probably means I gave it to much nutrients maybe? I don’t really know how to fix this maybe someone can help me out with some advice? This my first grow btw

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