This weeks vlog we look at how to get cannabis plant huge by low stress training and topping. We discuss factoring in your waters base ppm’s with feeding, are …

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  1. Good luck sir, nice to see a fellow spiritual, I been off the religious path, but still pray and respect what God does for us and what Jesus may/may not have, I'm very conspiratorial which is why I see things that way, peace and love, will for sure be keeping a supportive eye on the channel. enjoy from South Africa.

  2. Your a Christian, thank God, and God bless….thank you..I’m 64, disabled, hit by drunk driver, my doctor said try pot, I was shocked, it took me awhile to try, because I was always wondering if God is ok with pain relief from pot, anyway thanks again..

  3. I also subscribed to your channel about 15 months ago and enjoy the information and tips you give. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and thank you being here to help me grow better.

  4. Since Canada legalized cannabis I have been growing (not as well as I had hoped) and I have watched your Youtube videos to get insight on how to grow better. I grow hydroponically and I use tomato gages to train my plants using the 3 rings as support and places to fasten ( by hooking wire to ring) to position branches where branch can get the most light. When I put my 3 inch pot with rooted clone into a 8 inch net pot with fastened tomato cage where plant will spend the rest of her life. I also use the "deep water culture method" and have a 20 gallon reservoir and each plant container is 12 gallons. My current plants are now 90 days old and are about 48 inches tall and about 50 inches around plant. I would like to send you a photo so you can see how your training method worked for me (who grows hydroponically) my email is could email me your email address so I can send you some pictures of my pretty girls.

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