1. You have consciousness what amount to take?when to take and when not to?
    Not everyone has the same senses as like you.Everyone has their own choice m.For some it will become habit that can’t leave.In such a case they will addict to it continuously and Atlast they even went out of their own responsibilities.

  2. A particular place is there to go and have such experience and experiments.not every one interested in that and no need to force others to do that.if you want the income there are lot of ways to get it.if you want the experiments and experiences there are official ways to get it.not every cup of tea is
    Yours or mine to do that.

  3. Kanna bidda paalaki edustundi okapakka Inko pakka Mariana high ante ela untadi.mimmalni penchina vaallu ante negligence lo penchi unte meeru ee rojuna ila matladutoo undevaallaa

  4. Pasi pilla eduru has aadukuntundi veellu o pakka Adi peelchi odultunnaaru.adi aa pillalu peelustunnaaru.secondary smoking of maruana at that little age how it affects their lungs.
    India lo bayata train lo poyetappude train lo aa pani chestunte akkadunna vaallu cheppi mari aapistaaru.alantidi intlone.

  5. He sounds so HIGH, this peabrain says 64% of americans are in favor of legalization? In his circle, I guess 100%. Why this idiot is in youtube? Saying it is a win for civilization? I understand medically use is a good thing. But, having, (as this idiots say 64% of americans HIGH), kind of dangerous, no? And what about personality changes for using it, how about of the children born from parents who use it, that do not have a sense between right and wrong. This guy is the best example by the way. Ha, ha, ha!

  6. I like how this man thinks america equals civilization and mankind. And, appearantly marijuana has no limit to its healing potential. Limitless, really? 

    Good to hear it can help against the cancer, also heard it had higher concentration then cigarettes of cancer inducing agents? Maybe different types of cancer and/or cannabis? More research, or less ambigious results would be useful.

    Choosing which your recreational hobbies is more liberating then being allowed to believe and think what you want? Just…so far off.

    That cannabis afficionatoes get the liberty to enrich and establish their own subculture is good though, no doubt. I'm also interested to see how their culture will look, from the high to the low.

    Alot of words without much substance follows, but he's excited I'll give him that. And it is refreshing to see a pro marijuana advocate be honest about wanting to get high and enjoy himself. Just wish he didn't sound like an idiot doing so. Really, find someone better to represent legalization as it's a huge issue for the US. It affects your economy, the lives of people who partake in it and people abroad who smuggle this in. 

    Get someone with better big think, please.

  7. Boring. It is just a coke enabled rant to justify pot for low IQ stoners. He thinks pot is a way to enlightenment  – well, it ain't. It only gives mellow lethargy followed by a day of feeling sad. Pot is a just a short-cut to fake experience of insight for the dim witted.

  8. You know, if you're on Big Think, then at least make an effort to PRETEND to sound smart, enlightened, or like you can add something to the minds of other people.  This 'surfer dude' does not seem to fit any of these criteria.  Don't read me wrong, I am a huge supporter of marijuana legalization, but hearing this grown man talk like some sort of under-stimulated teenager ("It can even, like, shrink tumors man!") makes wonder what the thought processes of the people who put him on this screen were.

    Cannabis is an absolutely wonderful plant with many uses, no doubt about that. Just please try to catch yourself next time you hear yourself saying that you can build a fucking interstellar spaceship with it's leaves.

  9. Nice try Silva… But there is several studies about the danger of marihuana… And most affected system, is the cognitve system (as contrary as u said)  with the memory, calculum, bla, bla… I know that meaby can improve ur creativity in the moment (and also makes feels high) but u will pay latter with lost of cognitive skills, amotivacional symdrome, adiccion, beheavior and mood relative problem, etc, etc, etc… And thats the reason because it is not a good idea to consume it

  10. This…. this was beautiful. He explained it like no other person would/could ever explain the positive effects of MJ. Immediately LIKED this video.

  11. I'd love to try some and see if it helps me calm down in moments where my social anxiety leads to panic attacks, and also of course for the experience, but my social anxiety prevents me from trying to make the social connections required to find a reputable dealer. It's funny, because I live in NYC; you'd expect with the reputation New Yorkers have outside of our state, that I could find a seller easily on any street at any time.

  12. Setting aside most of his expansive conjecture on what he HOPES will be the result of marijuana legalization, I did very much like one thing.  As a musician, I know that a the "personality" of a piece of music can vary depending on the venue in which it is played (concert hall, amphitheater, coffeehouse, etc.).  Beyond that, historical evidence indicates that the use of drugs (particularly marijuana) can alter both the listener's experience of the music AND/OR the performers delivery of it.  As such, I am excited by the prospect of "new venues" in which to perform AND the idea that, as has also happened historically, composers will write music with specific "venues" in mind.

    Building on that notion of "changing the venue", if marijuana users no longer associated emotions like fear and rebellion with their experience, how much different would the experience be, AND how might their behavior in this new context generate an evolution with regard to society's perception of marijuana users as a whole?

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