Tracey – Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana

Tracy has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for over 35 years and has discovered that medical marijuana is the only thing that lifts the physical pain and mental …

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  1. My dad has MS and he has tried every drug under the sun except weed… Even his doctor suggested trying weed (this is Australia by the way)… Anyhow.. When I get back home from overseas I'm going to try so hard to make him test it hahaha…. Annnd thats my random story.

  2. I've had the same problem and feel the same way. I am a 29 yr male and was diagnosed on jan 1st 2006. I too have had batter problems that I found marijuana also relaxes my whole body and let's me have a lot better urination. I've found if I take even the slightest drink of alcohol ( never been a drinker ever) but one night I remember having some fun with friends being a part of the good times and for the whole night I was in complete pain not being able to urine. After a whole night of pain and

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