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  2. Hello thank you for the video. I'm a new grower and have a question. I'll be growing autos in my first indoor grow room. Is fox farm happy frog too hot for seedlings? Or would I be fine to germinate in it? Should I add a less hot mix with it along with some perlite?? Thank you in advance if you do respond. 😎

  3. So im just starting my first grow and have made a few mistakes allready. You are correct on all your points. I feel like my biggest mistake has been the feeding aspect. If i start with an all organic pre fertilized soil for indoors. Do i water. When do i add the food? How do i know? How much do i water? Its confusing probably until you do it right. A Video of the whole watering/ feeding process would be amazing. Ty for the videos!!

  4. Hi. Thanks for all the videos u put up on here. Im new to the growing dont really kno much or have much i just got a few pots going nothing extra but will love to have help because i kno i did something wrong so by chance do u have a video with step by step for new or beginners

  5. Hey buddy how's it going I did my first indoor autoflower grow blackberry hush,, let's just say I ran into a couple issues!!! I was using oceanforest soil so I just feed them ph water at 6-0 6-5 for about 3 to 4 weeks well anyways they veged pretty good but they never started to flower and I was 8 weeks in!!! Im using general hydroponic flora trio nutes should I follow there feeding schedule I was told that autoflowers are finicky so I didn't follow there schedule and help would be appreciated????? 🙏🙏🙏

  6. I am a Beginning grower and I was listening to what you were saying I made my first mistake I got multiple Plants the babies now so I’ll be reaching out to you in days coming for help!!!!!! Lol

  7. I am a very new grower and that I literally found one seed stuck it in some dirt and it has grown absolutely beautifully without me doing that much to it. I’m about to transplant it into a 5 gallon bucket with really good soil but I should probably start doing stuff to it. How would I go about checking the PH and what to do about it if it’s off? I assume there’s probably 100 videos on it I’ll check. But thank you great video

  8. Iam new Grower,Can you get a decent quality with using fox farm ocean forest soil to get thru the veg state ?? iam a lil Intimidated to start mixing neuts
    I started with clones that were already 2-3 weeks into veg

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