Marijuana Induced Panic Attacks? – PERMANENTLY STOP Any Panic/Anxiety Attack From Smoking Weed

PERMANENTLY: Stop a weed induced panic attack FOREVER Marijuana Induced Panic Attacks? – PERMANENTLY STOP Any Panic Attack From Smoking …

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    Shout out to all the mandem and gyaldem for giving this video a view. I appreciate y'all for watching. You should definitely stick around a bit longer. As always "If It Doesn't FEED You, Don't WATER It", Much Luv 🙂

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  2. I got an awful physical panic attack. Like awful pains and a horrible fast heartbeat. I feel im the only one who gets this shit. And I used to smoke so much and love it. Please help. Please

  3. your video is dope and I like the fact that you hate alcohol like I do and I used to have them panic attacks from weed but I'd rather have a million of them then drink alcohol because it fucking kills people..and it is legally sold ..but marijuana Kills Nobody n is illegal and as dangerous as heroin to the federal government

  4. Throughout most of my childhood, I've had a few asthma attacks. While alarm mean, I never had full-blown panic attacks. However, my last asthma attack was about four or five years ago.

    My experience with that helps me calm down when having a weed induced panic attack. I know my throat isn't closing up and if it was due to smoking, it would have done so sooner.

  5. Mine had started occurring after I had a bad lsd trip. I had been caught up and the cops were involved and it was a HORRIBLE trip. I then smoked weed a week after and felt as if I were going to die. I found that not only these panic attacks occurred when I smoked but it happened whenever my heart rate was to increase such as drinking energy drinks, seeing police, or straight up exercising, I had overcome this anxiety by taking my time and taking micro doses.

  6. It’s called Sinus Tachycardia when your heart beats fast from weed. It’s the same type of arrhythmia you get when you go for a jog or when you hit a heavy bag or do any type of cardio. It’s harmless. My heart rate gets to 120-140 when I smoke weed. When I ride my bike for 30 min I get my heart rate to 180 BPM

  7. I’ve been smoking for 7 years no problem and one night I hit a bowl and I started to panic. Shit sucks but I think it’s a lot to do with your mind state and how you’ve been feeling. Last night I had one after smoking true north gmo from the dispensary and I had another panic attack but maybe just take a break until you start to feel better about everything in your life and go into it slow and I assume you’ll probably feel better. I’m no doctor by any means and I’m going through the same thing but I’m sure this is what it is because I could smoke 8 bowls in one day and feel fine and now I can’t even hit a joint 2 times without feeling anxious and my heart pounding out of my chest . Get right with yourself and give it a break for a minute it’s just weed and I can guarantee when everything gets over with like now in the world or whatever you are dealing with (mines from not being able to do anything and being stuck in the house, nothings normal in the world) you will start to enjoy it again and not feel like you’re dying

  8. Are you talking about the mental anxiety attacks or physical? I started having weird feelings in my body after smoking and feeling my heart beating through my chest and feeling like my chest was about to pop out of my body. Super weird and scary. Do you know anything about this?

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