1. That's fascinating, the past few days I have been messing with this actually and I found that even if you do eat before a wake and bake. The results are the same personally. Still blasted. I feel it has to do with how much dopamine and serotonin your brain was producing BEFORE versus after a wake and bake. If your morning is eventful and your brain is firing dopamine and serotonin first thing (maybe someone woke you up for a vacation or something) the wake and bake will feel less potent than if your morning haven't been eventful. Dopamine is the motivation chemical after all. It's what helps motivate us to do anything.

  2. As a dab toker, my wake and bake is like morning coffee lol. I see it both ways from your opening. Not necessarily an addiction tho but just if higher doses was needed the day before. Also maybe not drinking enough water. Some mornings I have a headache and I know its from eating salty munchies and not drinking enough water. If my nutrients in my body is right then I don't feel that morning hang lol.

    So addiction could lead to smoking more and always trying to push limits. But addiction is stealing for cannabis not when or what time you smoke cannabis lol.

  3. Omg im seriously addicted then…wake n bake is a must for me LOL buttt after a long days of work and your first session of the day gets you HELLA RIPPED TOO so technically anytime of the first session of the day is a strong high …that’s my personal experience..

  4. I never need to wake and bake, like some need coffee or caffeine in the morning. However, I just like it. In the past few days I've been so busy in the morning that I haven't been able to smoke until afternoon. And you know what happens? I just say "oh damn it's already 1:00 and I still haven't smoked yet"

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