1.1 –Dairy Queen Harvest–Alleycat's Perpetual Medical Marijuana grow

Harvesting Subcool’s Dairy Queen at 8 weeks after 2 days of complete darkness using 1/2 cup of both Mexican and Jamaican Bat Guanos with FFOF, …

CBD Essence


  1. Man i want this strain bad, im doing big budda cheese x og and a few others this year. I wanted to try this but cant find the beans in the states so the BBC might have to work until then. Great job im looking forward to hopefully finding these genes!@

  2. Wow ! so let me get this right ?? You just added a half cup of each to the bottom of your bag and mixed in your FFOF, added water and Viola!! Thats incredible my friend Ive been considering several mixes that are similar but this is by far the simplest one I have found. Thanks for sharing!

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