1. Mikes said before in a video where he outlines his day to day morning and night supplements and meals that he takes testosterone. Pretty sure it was the generic bodybuilding. Com one too

  2. Lance Armstrong passed 250 drug tests…When comparing Mike with drug using Bodybuilders and powerlifters he is very average. Bashing him once in a while for is lying and narcicist attitude is something we have to keep doing…as a habit.

  3. Hi there, thoughts on holly Baxter claiming she’s natty and obviously she looks like that now but she crystal said that she never ever had any steroids…. to me it’s pretty fake agenda stuff…. thoughts? 💪🏼😉👊🏼

  4. Can you do a video on the hulk’s steroid cycle? I know he’s a fictional character but he’s kinda chonks in the 2003 film then leans out for the 2008. Kinda big again in avengers

  5. How stupid was that webpage…Mike had been bald for at least 15 years….It was on Mike's website a few years back that you (we know who) could come watch him work out for 250.00 an hour…..

  6. I love the thing at the end of the article about the author. You can spend all the hours studying papers that you want, clearly no degree or expertise when one of two references comes from google books and they start a new line every sentence. Nobody writes like that.

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