10 Strangest Archaeological Artifacts Discovered

From skulls found inside skulls, to mysterious intricately carved figurines, here are 10 of the strangest archaeological artifacts discovered! Follow us on …

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  1. While i like everything about the videos including the backround music – BUT does ANYONE ELSE watch or listen and sometimes mistakenly hear a few notes from the "back to the future" theme (lol considering shes always talking about the past)
    Or faintly pirates of the carribean? Again, love the vids👌 just throws me off cuz i really love those movies too lol

  2. When are people going to learn that, these fossils aren't hundreds of thousands of years old. The Earth is only about six thousand years old. The years can be added up in the Bible, starting with Adam. Just look at the time line of all the people that lived through these six thousand years. It adds up perfectly.
    I know there's naysayers by the thousands that will disagree with me, but, there's a few more thousand that will agree with me a 100%.

  3. just a thought, why not starting today – we bury everyday things, label them along with their use so people in the future wont have to guess what theyre for anymore

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