1514: Increase Testosterone Naturally, Correct Imbalances Between Both Sides of the Body, & MORE

Name that popular movie quote. (1:08) * Adam responds differently to certain nootropics. (4:20) * How bodybuilder pumping reps may build more muscle than …

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  1. I really think that most young men with Low Testosterone are seriously sleep deprived but aren't willing to admit it, or are convinced that about 6 hours is plenty.

  2. Ireland has been on full lockdown since December and it's until June not allowed beyond 5 km from home no visiting family, everything is shut apart from supermarkets basically, but when June comes it will be extended again, basically all of last year was one extended lockdown, we are like prisoners here HELP……..

  3. Was checking out the show notes and read – * How Sal is finding gray hair in other places. I f'n lost it I was laughing so hard! Sucks getting older brah but at least we (yes me included) can still find humor in it.

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  5. Question for Q&A: Can you develop a well-rounded physique without any isolation exercise and only with a few compound lifts? Would my arms and shoulders fall behind with such a workout?

  6. The problem with the 300-1100 range of Testosterone is that it's broken down from healthy 20 year old to an 80 year old man with type B diabetes. i.e. 30-35 male 669 the lowest is 75-80 is 384

  7. Under Armour already has that kind of technology in some of their shoes. I just bought a new pair last month, and the right shoe has a chip in it that Bluetooths to my phone and connects to an app and tracks my gait, stride length, mile time, etc. At first I was put off by the price ($140) but then he told me about that feature, and I was absolutely sold 💯

  8. When you are lying in your beds, many years from now, would you trade all the years from this one to that, to tell your enemies that they can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom?! – Braveheart

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