As California Goes: An historic marijuana legalization effort. A divided industry.

[Video created October 2016] Californians will have the third opportunity in the Golden State’s history to legalize recreational marijuana. Voters turned down …

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  1. Well, a recreational activity is a personal decision just like alcohol. However, there are chances of abuse as well. Especially among the minors. It is much better to opt for medical marijuana until then. Also, we need to protect the patients who genuinely benefit from the medical cannabis. We need not let the recreational industry proliferate and eat up the sizeable chunk of medical industry because people want to have fun.

  2. Look at the definition of recreational.. a recreational activity is a personal decision and or choice of of opinion. Our country is still governed by old fashioned people abiding to old fashion laws which will never coexist with today's generation and indifference in opinion. Individuals need to stop speaking for people as a whole and speak for themselves rather. Utilize the knowledge we have to create resources and education on this industry rather than shutting out the inevitable! Start thinking future… marijuana is a choice and there for a personal freedom…to take away that option from an individual because of another's opinion to me is more criminal than those certain individuals who pursue this industry for its actual potential to create a quality of life whether it be for a depressed, tempered, ill, elderly or so on. Change is uncomfortable, that has been established but with everything good comes careful planning, time and a true compassion for what you do… this industry has its leaders like anyone else so let us educate the world!

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