Cannabis Cream made easy

Let’s make some medicine … I hope this short video is easy enough to follow .. This is a very simple extraction process and not only cannabinoids can be …

CBD Essence


  1. Brilliant informative video, so good to see a fellow brit explain it simply without the usual bong hits in between. Can i ask you, a question please. my mum has untreatable cancer of the spine so i am hoping to make her medicine . By buying her cbd oil from Amsterdam she has already stopped taking morphine and also the anti sickness drug she had to take because of the morphine and has finally agreed to try something with THc, i stupidly once made her a spliff which made her pull a whitey and she refused to touch it again. So i am hoping the cream applied to her spine would help. The question is, if i follow your instructions how much cream would she have to rub on to work without making her whitey again. I have spent hundreds and months to get to this stage so dont want to fuck it up now . Cheers x

  2. I'm looking to make something like this. but I don't want to feel any psychoactive products when I rub it on. does this finished product keep you sober?
    thanks for the video!

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