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A look into the world of hydrocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Learn what temperatures they vaporize at and how they effect our physiology. Educate …

CBD Essence


  1. If there are estrogen like compounds I wonder if you can treat hot flashes with it! Hormone replacement therapy is extremely dangerous and to be avoided at all costs so maybe this will be a safer alternative!

  2. I've never approved of carving into a different bladder, specially if its a pirate cold water bear-dive ritual, if by virtue if you get "stuck" at Moby Dick j/k. Well people of the waters of Job, Oh Well

  3. Love the video I'm dabbin on some sour diesel now lol thank God extraction and refining processes have become more accurate and efficient. I know my shatter is clean and so tasty. Got some og kushbreath next to me. Stay blessed chef

  4. hay hows it going me man.
    i recently made my first batch of oil
    what i made is amber when i heat a small bit and press it
    but mine is hard and brittle
    should it stay tick but liquid ? or does it go hard ?
    any info be grate

  5. Just know, everybody, that any good wax you get from a good dispensary should be 0RST 0 residual Solvents, get C02 if you're afraid of butane (I wouldn't be afraid of butane) or if you're afraid of C02 as well, get 73u+ water hash. My dispensary has all three and i would hope if you have access to legal medicine then your dispensary would have these options too.

    If you're making the wax yourself just don't use butane if you can't distill it first (using a closed loop extractor is the most common method) otherwise the butane and the subsequent oil will have mystery oil left over which is toxic

  6. Thank you! Someday I'll be able to apply these things if and when my state will grow some compassion and legalize! I could see your energy was running a bit low. I hope you're feeling well today.

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