Cricut Basic Questions Answered / What does it mean to cut, print, weed?

cricutmade What does it mean to cut with Cricut? What is weeding? If you are new to Cricut and thinking of getting one, then you may have some of these basic …

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  1. Hi,

    Ive just found your channel when looking for how to put logos on balloons.

    Ive just seen how you do print and cut but does that only work with paper then?

    Sorry people always ask me to put their business logo onto a balloon and i want to do it with mine but not sure how because if you upload it and try and do basic cut its just a black photo.

    Thanks in advance for any help xxxx

  2. Thanks for this…I purchased a cricut maker right before Xmas but I didn't get a bundle so I have nothing to practice with…I'm going to get some materials from Wal-Mart next week

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