Do cannabis-infused topicals really work? Talking pain management

Of the many ways marijuana is marketed — smoke it, eat it, vape it — infused topicals are another option joining the many pot products offered to medical and …

CBD Essence


  1. My relative had knee pain, bought some medical cannabis 1:1 THC/CBD pain creme. About 30 minutes after applying he said it had him feeling weird, in an unenjoyable way. He also said he noticed a strange taste in the back of his throat. But it did work, he was back at work the next day. Best used before bedtime, when you won’t notice any ill effects. Not advised to use it while using other cannabis products.

  2. BULLSHIT…As a Medical Professional,and a Patient…It Absorbs Into The Skin,and Makes It Way Into The Blood,Stop Learning…Your Doing It Wrong..You May Not Get The Psyc Effects…But You Will Fail a Standard Piss or Swab Drug Text…DONT LIE TO PEOPLE

  3. Maybe save the science questions for someone better equipped to explain it. No offense to her, but her explanation really came across as uncertain and doesnt make me really want to buy a product. Hire someone who really understands the subject or dont do interviews. It feels like shes selling snake oil, whether she is or not.

  4. I will tell you the concept does work. I know this personally. Mary's Medicinals not to be confused with the Mary's Nutritional line has a product called "Muscle Freeze Elite CBD".
    The stuff is nothing short of Amazing. It isn't cheap but it has worked even when nothing else did.

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