Ep #439 – Dr. Lester Grinspoon Legalize Marijuana

Dr. Lester Grinspoon joined us to talk about marijuana and why cannabis should be legalized. Enjoy. Justin and Kate ——————- On Extreme Health Radio …

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  1. How about no,i'm sick of the pothead culture. All Americans are already strung up on drugs,we do not need more encouragement of drug dependency. I'm a user myself,illegally,and cops know it. I use responsibly,and i know that marijuana brings health risk. It raises blood pressure,it increase risk of heart attack,because of rapid irregular heart beating. Marijuana increase risk of stroke,due to high pulse,which equal high blood pressure. Nate Dogg died of stroke,and was a heavy marijuana user. Marijuana is very addictive and people develop a dependency of it.
    I'm all for decriminalizing it for adults,but i am against opening up dispensaries like California,Colorado etc. It should be treated like any other controlled drug,available only through a pharmacy in non THC format. CBD is what gives Cannabis it's pain relief effect,which 95% of users could care less about,it's the THC they desire. They simply want to get high and alter their reality. they are depressed,hate their lives,have un-diagnosed mental disorders,so they want to use THC to alter their minds. THC form should be strictly regulated ,and chargeable with a fine for first offense,misdemeanor for every recurring offense,without a verifiable certified prescription and doctor's notice.
    I'm sick of the zombie culture of pothead stoners.

  2. he uses all of our arguments and then tells you to legalize it to regulate it like alcohol and tobacco.., bringing the power right back to the govt. and Big Pharma..out of the hands of the people…

  3. It should only be regulated by parents… Decriminalization over legalization!! Don't let the shills sell you this dumb ass option as if it's the empowerment option for "we the people."

  4. Love the intervie.Im an avid marijuana supporter.Here in Mi its legal w medical card.I use Simpson oil nightly.Let me say ive never slept better or felt better.Im not so into the "high" but more medicinal benefits.

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