1. Put a towel in the POT & wrap it around devices so no metal to metal happens. Put radios, cell phones,  cameras, etc inside.  ON TUBE are channels that daily give SPACE WEATHER & impending events should warn all of us when we need to quickly PROTECT – "pads,"cpu's" etc etc.  INVENT a way to encase your devices so AFTERWARDS you still own working electronics. While these 4 COMETS are zooming around us!!!

  2. Grounding the faraday cage will prevent static electricity accumulation. Very bad when having long hairs. Those electromagnetic waves are probably slowly charging the hermetic faraday cage,while trying to sneak in. In this experiment, if you had kept dialing intensly for hours, you may get electric shocks if the faraday cage isn't grounded lol. Moreover, the "faraday cage" here is not totally insulated, since the guy who holds it is a conductor.

  3. I wrapped my phone with one layer of dollar store aluminum foil, tried to call it and it went into my voice mail. Its important to have no openings or rips in the foil for it to work properly.

  4. I hate what the perps are doing to people. Thank you for making your vids, I know that only makes the perps attack you more.
    I think I'll be making a page showcasing some of your vids. My server has been taking a beating from NSA spam servers, I recently stopped writing blog posts because I need to convert what I have into html, blogs simply have too many vulnerabilities for the perps to exploit & I don't have the time to create my own platform or the $ to buy a more secure blog platform.

  5. Good video, thanks for the upload. I'm getting a lot of messages from other TI's who are looking for ways to defend against the damned microwave weapons & I feel terrible when I have to tell them I really don't have much to offer in that area. Until we can turn off all that crap at the sources I think people can benefit from your vids, especially because I believe most of us TI's don't have money to spend building Faraday cages or buying expensive insulation materials like silver lined scarves.

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