Hot Chocolate Bomb Tutorial

Learn how to make beautiful and delicious salted caramel hot chocolate bombs! In this video I cover everything from the best type of chocolate to use to recipes …

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  1. I apologize if it’s been asked… there are so many comments to go through! Lol I’m curious as to whether or not the ganache ends up setting rather than staying runny, and how long would you say the shelf life is of these (refrigerated or not)?

  2. absolutely amazing absolutely beautiful I just got my mold the other day and the only chocolate I had on hand were chocolate morsels it was a disaster the molds started melting the minute I touch them and they just were not even some spots were very thin it was just a true disaster I’m hoping to try again with the compound candy melts maybe that was the issue also it was my first time LOL definitely will try your method did you give them a second Coat? Right tutorial and the ganache I’m assuming you had to wait till it completely cooled before adding it to the mold

  3. I love your channel- thank you for the tutorials. I have a question about compound chocolate- is that what candy melts are? what brand of compound chocolate would you recommend?

  4. Hi, love your video. Just one question, I been trying to make these, but they keep melting in my hands once that I take them out from the mold (I been using milk chocolate). Help!!!

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