(Intended for the 18 & over) I grew “topshelf” weed from seed to harvest. I show everything I did from the very start to finish. All details covered. Call it a simple …

CBD Essence


  1. Thanks to everyone commenting during the last month giving your support. That also goes for the thousands of comments demanding for more.. I know it all stems from love. Truth be told …As the days passed, I felt the pressure build. Publishing seems to always be a day of relief. I fucking love making videos but the pressure to spit out more than you can chew is real. This video is the last 21 days of my life … Lol .. might be a sad statement. 21 days of editing and 8 hours to upload to youtube… I apologise to anyone who wanted more and thanks to everyone who showed your support. It really helps.

    Episode 3 the Harvest of my closet is next.

  2. Hey bro, I'm a fan of your videos. They're badass and give hella information, thanks so much. I was remembering in one of your videos you show how to easily remove soil from the roots, I'm having trouble finding the video at the moment lol. I'd appreciate it if you would direct me to that video, thanks dude. 😎🤙

  3. Now most companies say to germinate in water then like paper towel, I notice you don’t, is it the quality of seed you get or your just planting works best for you??

  4. Thanks for another amazing video! Thanks to you I'm trying my own variation of a "super coco" blend instead of my usual bagged soil. I started some seedlings in it about 2 weeks ago and I already can't believe how fast they are taking off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I want to get seeds. I evaluate in Turkey. How can I send the seeds. Please, I do not speak English, but I have translated it and I hope for a response from you. I have been following you for a long time. I have been waiting for you. I hope for help and I wish you success. My love for marjona

  6. Matt I have a question you still cultivate using the eletric sky? I know ur big on dabs and resin. What are you doing to boost UVA and UVB? I have a buddy with 3 successful commercial ops in California uses 315w cmh. I used to be in a non rec state so needed low heat low energy so went from 150watt hps mid veg 1st grow over 3yrs ago and been on the LED band wagon since. Tried getting Buddy to switch he's skeptical with upfront cost and why fix if not broken. As I enter the commercial industry in a new state I get HLG 650rs 1st time using so haven't seen end results but have used them since my 1st LED. Always thought it was me or my nutrients, big dense iced out buds great yields especially/watt. But trimming his compared to mine no LED can get the resin/oil production sun/hps/cmh. Yes gavita and hlg both offer a UVA bar but at 30-36 inches with the hlg does no good and missing B. Can get new gavita LEP plasma… but haven't seen or heard of someone use them. Fluence makes as a bar in 22 44 and 66inch at 120 degree covers like 4 inch wide area? Would need a ton and would block ur main lamps. Not sure if you respond to fans/subscribers pm me or if u do on patreon?? Let me know I'll definitely pay to have a little Convo

  7. I'm a few weeks in on a grow myself eh. Royal queen's bruh.
    Northern lights
    Cookies gelato
    CBD grow
    Royal medic
    Tatanka pure

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