1. I've planted two seeds in coconut coir soil in two 5 gallon pots watered the soil with bottled spring water only and put it in my grow tent. Its day 3 still no progress. First time grower. Weather has gotten cold. Please help.

  2. My seed was only in the water for about 10 hours until I saw the taproot after that I put it in a damp paper towel inside of a ziplock bag in which the taproot grew to almost an inch within 33 hours I then planted it in some soil in a cup( with drainage holes) then into a ziplock bag and then into my closet under a light it’s been one day and it hadn’t broken through the soil yet should I be concerned? How long does it take ? The current temperature here in the Caribbean is 79 degrees if that helps

  3. to be honest its almost not so easy for the begainer but rather an art to master!!! saying this from exprience. i tried germinating my seeds 9 times every single time i took 45 hours putting seeds 24 hours inside the water and then puting between the paper towel for 24 hours i tried the same technique in different manners/methods. failing and learning continuesly and observing every precaution i may had done but did not. so little by little i gained enough exprience to really understand the delicate cannabis germination art. well it is an art for me as it is way too easy for others. i believe it all depends on what environment one is applying the germination process. for me the environment was crucial and not suitable for cannabis growth at all. but after failing a hactic of times i did not succeed but i did hacked a method of forcefull germination! which is done by fresh green chilli or onion juice mixed with charcoal powder. green chilli or onion contains good amounts of natural giberellic acid crucial for rapid/forcefull germination and charcoal is megneticaly active at micro level thus it accelerates germination of seeds or root growth and prevents fungus and so prevents seed rot. by trying and germinating using this megic organic mixture i hacked the method of rapidly germinating cannabis or any seeds at any environment! i feel great for i have discovered this technique and did not give up trying as i never ever ever give up on anything but come up with methods this way or that way u finally get it done and it is what natural science is. keep trying u fail only and only when u give up or els ur gonna get it. forget the time spent, it ends up being worth it anyway! i truely germinated cannabis seeds in a city/environment where it is IMPOSSIBLE for everyone to succseed in it! there is always ALWAYS a way no matter what!

  4. My seedling isn’t opening up… it only has 2 small sets of leaves and isn’t sprouting any new ones. Do u have any idea what’s wrong? << the second time this has happened

  5. What is warm (20) to some people might actually be freezing to some other people from other countries 😅 i kept hearing everyone say keep the seeds in a warm and dark place which i did and i lost all three of my seeds😟 you were the first person i heard say 20-22, and i was shocked to realise that this is what americans meant warm!!well thank you i think now i know what went wrong. Room temp in my place is 32°C and i kept it in some where around 34😅 (anywhere from 26 below is actually cold to us😅)
    Well next ill put it in my grow tent which can easily be set to 20°C
    Thanks for the video great work 👍🏼

  6. Hello, my friend i put 8 seeds in first in a glass of water for 24 hours, they all sank, then into paper towel method they have been in 4 days now, 5 have sprouted and 3 have failed to pop, should i leave the 3 that have failed for a few more days or do i bin them, all put in same bag same conditions i`m at a loss what to do

  7. My seed is not germinating I have tried three seeds but still failure

    I tried glass of water mineral water pH balanced and my heat balance belt for my tummy as a heating mat and then paper towel method in a dark place with temperature of belt at 60-75 but no success I think seeds are bad

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