How To Make ~Green~ Pancakes (Vegan)

You know what green means i just have to be careful because of the ai reading this. Thank you for watching, Liking & subscribing! If this does well expect many …

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  1. MAKE MORE EDIBLES PLSS,that vid was amazing. This is the only video I seen so far where the person shows the effects after.i be so mad when other people just eat it and end the video. Watching from Trinidad 🇹🇹

  2. Years ago my brother made a weed cake. I dont know how much weed was in the mixture but there were big clumps of it in the cake and it looked more green, with a few patches of cake colour in. Anyway, he gave me a good size square of it, I’d say four mouthfuls worth, but I never got any effects from it 🤷🏼‍♂️ even hours later I felt fine all day.

  3. In my country when you are under the effects of weed we say crazy as you're crazy is like say you got high cool video jackson haha i dunno whrite your name that look great to the next episode of coocking with jackson you can set a smoothie of mushrooms hahahaha greetings since here

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