How to Start $417K/Year Food Truck Business (Part 1)

Are you wondering how to start a food truck? If so, you’re not alone. Since they cost less to start than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, food trucks are …

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  1. Semper Fi!! Old Corpsman here, newly retired – worked in restaurants all my life. Good cook and we're looking into a food truck. Can you talk a bit about obtaining a spot or stay mobile all day?

  2. This business can be good & bad. Over head is expensive and there is alot of competition in some places. Lol, thank you for the numbers Marine! Also some cities are not food cart friday or food truck friendly, it can be an uphill battle were the Marines need to be called in.

  3. This is truly inspiring. I just started a few months ago thanks to California Cart builders. Check them out online they helped tons on funnelling my needs for my truck. Good luck all

  4. This is great content, interesting guest, and pretty good production value but it becomes almost unwatchable with the host talking over the guest or sometimes just making extraneous filler sounds. I would like this show to continue so please take heed.

  5. Why interview when he answers his own questions and interrupts him by ending his remarks? He knows a lot but idea is to hear his experience, not interviewers experience,,,,

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