How to use a Cannabis Infused Body Scrub

Hey Pot Peepz Today’s Video is : “How to use a Cannabis Infused Body Scrub” Here is the link to Subscribe to my Patreon: …

CBD Essence


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  2. I recently started my own natural skin care line and I am looking forward to infusing CBD in my products! I have never used oatmeal as an exfoliate so this sounds very interesting I know oatmeal is good for irritated and dry skin especially those who have eczema! Are usually use sugar as my exfoliate so thank you for this information I will definitely give it a test! 😍😊💜💜

  3. Hello amazing queen! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your amazing videos! I absolutely adore your channel and look forward to contributing on Patreon! Much love to you and the Pham! XOXO

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