HUGE BNGO NEWS: Bionano genomics, Mental health research, BNGO stock news, BNGO stock update

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  1. Love you guys! I hope you enjoy the DD I find. I've got some really good videos coming up, hope to explore deeper into genomics. Also trying to get into the EVENTS coming up, please donate to the paypal link if you want to help out. MUCH LOVE and watch out for scammers in the comments! I will NEVER send you a number! Love Miguel

  2. BNGO ran up from 60¢ to 6.00 then 6-12.00 like a pro, much like GEVO ZOM and NNDM and a few others, the problem now is the NASDAQ crash and the ceiling of all of these stocks in an inflationary market. This is likely the last Roundup for the four amigos.

  3. The saphyr mapper can’t pick up structural variants less than 500BP. From what I understand sequencers spell out the order of every DNA base in the genome, while a map simply identifies a series of landmarks.

    With that being said @mrinvestalot, how much of the genomics market can bionano capitalise on?

  4. Hello! I enjoyed this. I have been trying to find for a YouTube vid that informs the ideas in this vid.Your vid for sure reminds me of the channel from Dr. Ethan. Dr's tips are totally knowledgable and I really learned a lot for diet. He is the most informative medical student in Nottingham and he teaches mental health.

    Go see his YouTube out and give the health enthusiast a subscribe! 👉 #DrEthanOnYouTube

  5. I heard the word genome today. A news report about bacteria found on the space station that has not been found on earth. It may be healthy for plants. They will study it and how space caused earth born bacteria to mutate into this strain.

  6. Loving all your DD mate. So bullish on this and waiting for it to pop. If this hits $100 I will hire a donkey and ride the streets of London in some BNGO sponsored budgie smugglers. Keep up the good work dude 👍

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