Joshuas Austism Journey with Cbd Oil

Our 3.5 year old Joshua was diagnosed with non verbal Autism at 2 has been on Charlotte’s Web Advanced Cbd Oil for almost a year…see for yourself the …

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  1. I’ve been stressing and searching for something to help my baby boy, he has many of the same behaviors as your beautiful boy. I feel emotional and incredibly innerstood by this video, whereas before I felt somewhat misunderstood and/or defensive concerning my son’s behaviors, forcing us to find happiness only in spaces where we are isolated. thank you so much for sharing ! I plan to try CBD for my son, wishing abundance and blessing on your family

  2. Hi I bought cbd to help my 4 year old that wakes up quite a lot in the night,is very fussy with food and hates concentrating if it doesn't interest him. After I had watched this and many other vlogs where children were eating everything and there behaviour was far better I was really impressed. I'm now presuming your cbd has thc in it. I've been told not to put a 4 year old on the cbd with thc as they could be stoned even though it's in the legal requirements. People that are stoned can't stop eating and have an appetite. Although the cbd hasn't changed him to that extent it's done a little good. Great vlog by the way. So nice to see him happy.

  3. That’s great! I’ve just started my son on CBD for lack of focus at school. I’m also reading a book called Dirty Genes by Dr Ben Lynch. You may find this helpful.

  4. a theory of objectivist parenting by roslyn ross
    page 12
    behaviors are actions we take to meet needs, to gain or keep what we value. when the parent controls the childs behavior with reward and punishments, the parent severs the childs action from the childs values behind the action and makes himself, the parent, the value. because the parent, not the reality, determines when the child feels pain or pleasure, the childs entire orientation changes from reality to people being reality.

  5. Transdermal CBD is good too. We use Holy Cannasense (holy basil, frankincense, CBD in Shea butter) we apply it to his forehead and the back of his neck 3 x day. We also use skullcap drops 2x day, passion flower drops 1x day and Epsom salt baths to calm, and reduce stims. Works very good 👍

  6. Thank you very much for this great video. My son is 7 with ASD .
    Does not interact with people around him, flapping hand on the mouth, cannot sit still , scream all the time, does not speak but just repeat words or name, sing songs but you put your ear close to his mouth to hear him.
    I home this CBD oil will help.
    Thank you again for this great video.

  7. I'm in Ireland too and my son has adhd and high functioning autism so would love to try it for his adhd especially. Can you tell me where to get it and what type? I tried celtic wind from Holland and Barrett myself just to see/test it out and felt absoloutely nothing so wondering if some are some brands are better/stronger than others?

  8. This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen on YouTube. Good God. This stuff should be made world wide, and distributed to families with autistic children NOW.

  9. I’m just doing my research on the CBD and is a shame I don’t did this before. My daughter is 9 now. She is autistic no verbal also. But I’m afraid to do something illegal. I now CBD oil is legal now in all 50 states but I’m not sure how but it or if I need some kind of permit.
    Appreciate the video. ✌🏻

  10. Omg my heart! I cried so hard ! You’re an angel for sharing this.. god bless him! My daughter has been diagnosed for some time now I’ve tried so many things and she’s about to be 5 I see so much of her in your son! You’ve given me hope ❤️ which cbd oil do you use exactly? Can you please let me know I’d like to try this xoxo !

  11. Just wondering what happens if you don’t give it to him ? Would he have to be on it for the rest of his life ? My son has autism as well and your story is amazing how do I even get that Cbd oil for him ?

  12. Hi, I'm so happy for you and your son. I too started Charlotte's Web two weeks ago but I can't get my son to take it. I put it in his food and he won't eat it so I decided to give him from a syringe but he spits it out. Please tell me how you got your son to take it? Thanks in advance.

  13. My son has been red flagged for autism he does similar things wint do eye contact and doesn't know how to play correctly with certain items/toys I'm am more than willing to turn to CBD I'm so happy you got your boy back I hope I can get mine back too this vid made me want to cry… thanks for uploading and giving me hope.

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