Learn Exactly How I Improved ALMOND THANDAI | COOL & HEALTHY DRINK FOR HOLI (Without Gimmick)

Thandai has many health benefits, and also it has a cooling effect on the body. If you like this video and want more, consider subscribing to my channel and ring …

CBD Essence


  1. Отличного Дня для Отличных Друзяк !!!

    Всегда интересные и очень актуальные публикации !

    Восторг и конечно полный +

  2. mia amica del mio cuore dolcissima SUNERA un caro saluto dalla sicilia e grazie per la ricetta di questo drink BASE DI CONDIMENTI BUONISSIME COME LE MANDORLE COMPLIMENTI CON MIO CUOPRE TUO GIUSEPPE TUO AMICO DALLASICILIA

  3. Hello!!! my friend 🙂👌😃 how are you ? . stay safe . GG very good job you did a great continuous video like that and a big blue thumb in a hurry to see your next video 👍👍👏👏👍👍

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