Live Q & A – Health. Digestion, Longevity, Hair Loss, Oral Only Cycles, Deca Only, Digestion – 005

Live Q & A – 005. Digestion, Gut health, Bodybuilding, Oral Only Cycles, Deca Only Cycles, Hair Safe Steroids, Hair loss, Hair regrowth, How To Improve Your …

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  1. What dose of dbol gives the least water retention and least bloat on a dbol only cycle ? I wanna do dbol only cycle to cut and recomp but don’t wanna look too puffy or lose my jawline

  2. in one of your Q&A you mentioned you wont see gains after 6 weeks on long or short esters . So for EQ does this mean you wont see any gains after the 6 week mark cause i thought it had to be run for at least 12-16 weeks because it doesn't kick in until around the 6th week mark . is this wrong ?

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