Medical cannabis is on the rise – but does it work? | Epilepsy, Chronic Pain & Sleep

It’s thought as many as 100000 Australians self-medicate with marijuana illegally – for everything from back pain to sleep problems. But when it comes to the …

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  1. I find if I don't have my cannabis for at least two to three days that's when I start having nocturnal seizures and mood swings so that's all the clinical study I need having the smoke don't have any problems as soon on I don't well bye reality I'm going somewhere else for a few minutes

  2. Christians say your using drugs or your going to hell but read the bible in Genesis 1.29 smoke all you want. do not judge me the medication for epilepsy is hard on are body I smoke and I like it. It has helped me a lot.

  3. Let's see i was on chronic pain medication for 13 years since I had a terrible horse riding accident and because of the accident I suffered from severe seizures which was uncontrolled despite the fact that I was taking several tipes of medications, I've been seizure free for almost 8 months now and I'm no longer taking pain or ati seizure medication just using weed, I've been using it since it was decriminalized in my country and i now no longer suffer from the pain in my tailbone and I no longer have seizures, i can't wait to be seizure free for 1 whole year for the first time since i was 11 years old.

  4. Hello from the usa!! California, Commercial cannabis is state supported for retail and recreational..most research says you get as high as you the tax on its purchase 30% at retailers here even during covid are state keeps it open for business!?.. lockdown here gets you weed!!?

  5. Personally I believe anyone who advocates agains cannabis usage is one who is ignorant to the benefits of cannabis. I myself was one, because that’s what I was taught. I’ve learned so much and it’s crazy the stigma associated with the plant!

  6. I fell off a horse and broke my back which was a 40% crush to one of my vertebrae, only, no doctor would examine me and I was left to heal by myself. Yes incredibly. That kind of pain is as incredible as the 2 dr's that ignored me. It was incredible pain, but I described to each Dr that I react to pain different to what they would expect and that they needed to know that so they would get that it was serious despite me being very calm and actually getting myself to the appointments[not an easy feat]
    I was approached by a friend that saw me in pain, one who had also suffered back pain, and gave me a puff of cannabis which was absolutely incredible for the pain, so yes it absolutely works.

    I requested the second Dr that dismissed my injury also as nothing, that she give me some panadeine forte, telling her, she had better give me something for the pain, however, it actually did not even touch the pain and was pretty useless. The cannabis however actually gave me some relief. It was the only thing that could touch the pain and truthfully made a huge impression on me that absolutely, medical cannabis needs to be legal. ..that or Dr's need to lift their game.

    The crappy thing is, because it was ignored, I now suffer since then quite alot of pain that I think could have been alleviated if I were treated and I still have to visit Dr's on rare occassions to just say, can I have some pain relief for my back because of…
    It sux that codeine was taken off the shelves and now needs a script because for legit reasons, I virtually have to beg for help.

  7. I am extra highly sensitive, have CPTSD from childhood or probably pre-natally, as well as Aspergers and low-grade Hg-poisoning from pre-natally as well. SLife-long sleep issues became severe insomnia as stress had accumulated´d too much in spring -97 and has gone on since y´then, with new traumas and hardships aggravating it. Now a new friend wants me to try CBD oil and maybe also grass. I realize it is not the same as Mariuhana, but it still contains around 0,3 % THC. I am very easily influenced, and even if there is no high, I am reluctant to use artificial symptom-suppressing ways to sleep. I can sleep if I get basic needs met, like quiet, stress-free, belonging in a social setting where I thrive, having something meaningful to do for and with others, as well as having real support and the promise of real, good quality trauma therapy after I stabilized everyday life rhythms , absorption and mood. Have to get my abused name, rights, robbed home and stolen money back, and damages for destroying my life, taking my life-time and the health I did retain through self-care.
    At hearing it is not known how it works, that it doesn't work for everybody I am not eager to try., while Í want to be open-minded and listen to others.
    it interferes with transmittors, – it seems better to get support to be able to go to bed early, keep regular times, also for meals, and take up light excercise again, as well as developing daily meditation. And overcome horror and shame and speak up to all the responsible ones, claim my rights, change my thinking and feeling, practise letting go and letting God. Is that a better way?

  8. All is well and good in trying to find evidence for the benefits in cannabis but why don't we instead try and find any evidence that cannabis is dangerous because my hypotheses is that it's harmless compared to many of the other prescribed pharmaceuticals available, let alone Tobacco or Alcohol.

  9. Non THC cannabidiol works for my sleep issues with out the nasty side effects the over the counter sleep aid type drugs you buy at the store. It also has helped for my anxiety with the combination of Gingko Biloba. CBD at night and Gingko Biloba for day time has been working quite well

  10. I believe that cannabidiol is the smartest solution to pain relief because the body recognizes the substance so the inhabition of pain signals is biologically organic. The key would be dosage. That is completely individual. I struggle with osteoarthritis. I have tried both the CBD oil and a cream independently and in combination. The combination worked within minutes. And lasted several hours and these were just products from a health food store. My friend who had been prescribed opioids, doesn't feel any affects of pain relief from the CBD oil. Lots of factors to consider for dosage.

  11. The reason research in cannabis plant is not being properly done is because the cannabis plant is competition to big pharmaceutical companies.

    Countles artificial drugs would be useless as people get well by using natural cannabis. This means BILLIONS of $$$ losses for Big Pharma, so they use corrupt governments to make cannabis illegal.

    I am against using cannabis for recreational use. It affects people negatively in many ways. But each to their own.
    Each individual should decide what to do with their lives, NOT corrupt politicians.

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