Medical Marijuana Doctor: How to Find One that You Can Trust

How to find a medical marijuana (cannabis) doctor that you can trust. Talking to your own doctor about medical marijuana can be nerve-racking. You just don’t …

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  1. I've found that, if you have something like Medi-Cal, you really don't have that kind of flexibility. You get whatever they give you. (This is in choosing a doctor in general).

  2. Thank you for the information, the problem is I’m on group medical plan where I’ve have too go to a doctor that is in the group. I’m in a fix income so selecting my doctor would be difficult

  3. Thank you Dr. Patel for all the helpful info on drug interaction using medical Marijuana. But from your experience with patients using morphine for arthritic severe pain. What is your recommendation. You were not specific about what type of drugs that may have side effects. Morphine to be specific.

  4. I was in a car accident 10 years ago my mri shows that everything is fine but i suffer from extreme chronic back pain i have tried numerous opioids and other treatments my doctor recommended trying medical marijuana how ever i live with my mother that thinks marijuana is a drug that just makes you paranoid i am 18 years old and unable to work because of my back pain what should i do to show evidence that marijuana isn't a drug that is not for medical purposes shes fine with me taking pain medication that are opioids thanks.

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