Mexico Legalizes Cannabis, Market Expands and Stocks Take a Hit

Matt explains what this new market means for his Cannabis Watchlist stocks. Timestamps: 1:03 – Cannabis Legalization in Mexico 8:38 – Cannabis Watchlist …

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  1. Cheap labor, great climate, lots of exports would kill american cannabis industry. Ah many areas have moutain water and high temps out door growing wont be hard. I expect massive exportation and the goverment forbiding foreign investment. Thats what it looks like to me. I dont think they need nor want foreign investment.

  2. Of the major cannabis companies, only Aurora Cannabis has a foothold in Mexico. It gained that through its 2018 acquisition of Farmacias Magistrales S.A. With that acquisition Aurora received access to over 500 hospitals and pharmacies in Mexico. I'm surprised you didn't mention that. For some reason you brought up Canopy Growth. Also, why Scott's ? No decent cannabis grower uses Miracle Gro. Scott's risen due to people staying at home during covid, doing their gardening and lawn care while being home, imo. I scalped it multiple times in the past year. If anyone thinks Miracle Gro is gonna have an uptick of sales due to cannabis grows, you grossly don't understand how cannabis is produced in regulated states. If it does moon, it's because of speculation and shouldn't be a long term play, in my opinion. Good luck. Stay Green .

  3. Another issue with Mexican Legalization is the process of growing in Mexico. There are no regulations regarding crops, and many growers will utilize chemicals like Carbofuran and the Cartel's use of DDT on crops to ensure insects don't eat away at their profits.

  4. Mexico will come out with the new wave of genetics overshadowing the USA and Holland. Get ready for a new wave of killer sativa's and psychedelic stones in the coming year/years.

    Cheers y'all

  5. Village Farms has more than a million square feet of growing space in Mexico which can be converted to cannabis growing space. This is great!

  6. Mexico seems to recognize human rights and freedoms that America is supposed to be about. It sounds like Americans are being given the mushrooms treatment, kept in the dark and feed bull shit.

  7. Hey Matt, Thanks to you and the team I was able to get in on KLIC, QCOM, and Planet13 all on the recent nasdaq dip. Thanks for all the information, you guys really expose me to better stocks and help build confidence in a stock. I also learn a lot from listening to you guys, what to look for. Thanks for everything. A 20 year old investor.

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