1. I am very happy and same time thankful to Dr Madida on YouTube for his successful treatment plans he gave my husband that helped in curing his Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    My name is Kendrick Larson, am from Austrialia, I never thought i would ever be free of Cancer in my life, after been diagnosed with CANCER of the LUNG in 2015, i have tried everything possible in life, from one doctor to another, one hospital to another, series of tests, different kinds of medications, i had already lost hope until i saw Dr. SANI"s online testimonies, a specialist in herbal medications and treatments, i contacted him (perfectherbalcure@gmail.com) and he prepared some herbal medications and oil for CANCER for me which i took for about 20days and now i am completely cured. I want to use this medium to express my gratitude to him for saving my life and curing me from CANCER of the LUNG, for taking away all my pains and sorrows, I''m indeed grateful and i am so happy I''m now free of this Cancer disease. I will forever be grateful and continue to tell the good news of your great works to everyone. If you have any type of CANCER or other Diseases, you can contact him too.
    Email: perfectherbalcure@gmail.com
    Whats-app number: +2348118184266.
    Thank you my great doctor for curing me. Keep up your great work…

  3. Why do people talk like "the doctors are going to go ahead with the surgery"… UMM. NO. The person chooses to get the surgery, just because the doctors tell you to do something doesn't mean you should just go and do it.

  4. I normally don't believe in this stuff, but since my dad got skin cancer thought it couldn't help to try. Well guess what? IT WORKED!!!! We used the oil then covered it with a band aid each night for nearly a month but it took the melanoma off his skin. I honestly couldn't believe it!!!

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