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Talking about the benefits of CBD oil where to find the info on the products answering questions Here is the website to sign up and buy the products …

CBD Essence


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  3. I hope you cover sprays next. I love them just don’t know if I’m using them correctly. I have looked over the website for detailed videos or instructions but I’m not finding what I want. I’m spraying 3 different sprays at the same time and so far so good. So if you know where to locate more details on using and when to use let me know! The Trim spray is keeping my weight in check.

  4. I would assume we can not import this to Canada right? 🤣 CBD is amazing for pain, and I've heard many, many success stories in regards to seizures.

  5. This video is really full of knowledge. I've been trying to find for YouTube video similar to yours that really explains the stuff in this YouTube video. 🧑🏻‍⚕️ 👍 That descriptions at 1:30 is my fav. Your lesson is like the channel of Doctor Ethan! Doctor's demonstrations are knowledgable and I learned a lot for school! He is a new Dr in Nottingham.

    I suggest you watch his channel out and give Doctor Ethan a subscribe here! 👉 #LearnFromDrEthan

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