1. I vape cannabis for chronic pain. It’s very effective, honestly it’s been a life saver! I used to be on tramadol and I would say it’s slightly more effective than even that, I’m relatively new to cannabis use so I’m building a tolerance so I don’t just lay on the couch lol

  2. 8 years ago and I’m still an outlaw medical marijuana patient in the land of the free because I don’t use opioids to control my intractable pain.

  3. Idk man. When you imagine crime in the U.S you think of dark alleys and shit. When I think of England I think of the London Eye and large red buses. Nothing else. haha

  4. Please stop talking silly, I'm 21 and I use it for joint pains for when I do mma, but saying someone can only use it for medical reasons when it should be freely available to everyone, talking like that is against what the legalization movement is about, its about everyone being able to experience this plant that broadens and expands you're conscious and open you up to the reality of the world, its not just a medicine you know..

  5. Everyone who smoke's marijuana needs to understand that we don't smoke for fun. I'm 19 and have very severe back pains due to my warehouse job. I use medical marijuana to ease the pain and to be able to sleep since I work the night shift. I'm honestly getting tired of the law making this a bad drug. Just because of those high school kids who go do delinquencies after smoking. STOP THE MISUSE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!

  6. Jesus, I typically think of stoners as your average high schooler or college slacker, but it just brings joy to know that it really is helping people out there. Someone who is in pain can get relief. Someone who has problems finds solutions. We should legalize, regulate and tax.

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