Review: 10th Planet by Galenas (Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain)

This week we test out 10th Planet, the latest from organic Ohio medical marijuana cultivator, Galenas, out of Akron, Ohio. Will it take us to the stars? Full Text …

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  1. Fyi vendor change the bud and pckge..where on outside package it says u get at least 10+ pieces.including 10planet…buds R not like hard big solid nuggs like 1st batch..its more popcorn… but still does the job…

  2. I bought there orange velvet underground….another great flower from galenas…it reminds me of creeper weed in the sense that u know it's coming..then out of nowhere it hits ya.. just very smooth..

  3. Hey there..just bought 2 package from gleaf, warren,oh same vendor…buds R nice n tight n fat.smokes pretty smooth…kush what can u say!!!..this is exactly what I was hoping for in a 46 bucks for 5.66 grams….maybe 20% thca but got more of a 26%thc feel…Great job galenas,many 👍👍👍👍.. A must for any one who appreciate a great flower…It take's away pain.calming.and couch moments of relaxing..lowers my blood pressure..U Will need alittle something to drink but yet not a strong overpowering cotton mouth/dry..Just absolutely a great strain…

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