The Honey Pot Herbal-Infused Pantyliners Review | EuniyceMari

• They do go fast so some of these products may be sold out ! The Honey Pot Sensitive Feminine Wipes The Honey Pot Sensitive …

CBD Essence


  1. I heard honey pot are the best products so I wanted to try them out. I picked them up without reading the mint part. I thought I was having some kind of allergic reaction. Until I read it now I feel better 😂😂 I love them

  2. I just ordered some off Amazon. They've been out of stock for months. These don't tingle as much as they did before. Either that or the shock wore off. They might have changed the formula a little bit. I'm not sure

  3. I ordered the trial package and the COOLING sensation is REAL…LOL. But l love that this product is natural and I feel better with my daughter using it for her little flower. I believe in teaching young ladies how to properly take care of themselves. Thank you for your reviews and keep up the amazing work. You will soon have them sponsoring you. Be Blessed

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