1. Bubba kush can really make you like floating man. I’m talking about after 2-3 hours after you smoked it, you know when the euphoria starts to calm down. And there, you could really feel the “pain killers” effect. It’s feels good like you came from a really good sleep.

  2. Hey man I have severe lower back pain and have lots of anxiety and stress from it too do you think it’s ok if I use blue dream cause I heard it could cause anxiety and idk which strain could prevent that.

  3. For a long Time, I've been on The Fence about This Subject. I've debated whether to try Medical Cannabis or not.

    (What will people think of me? Kinda stuff.)

    But, you know what? Who cares what they think. They ain't dealing with my Back Pain, I am.

    I've Already had a total of (5)
    Major Surgeries to my Lower Lumbar Spine. First, it was The L5-S1 Disc.
    (They did an L5-S1 Laminectomy with Bone Fusion)
    I've since had (4) more additional Surgeries. This last time, my Doctors
    Took me off work for good.
    (One more Disc I herniate, And I won't be able to Tie my Shoes, among other things) Anyway,
    I had been taking "Vicodin" when they were still prescribed. Then when they took them off the market, I started getting Prescribed "Hydrocodone 10-325" Until recently, My doctors check my Liver, I was told "Off the Record" I should seek
    Alternative Medication. (Evidently, too much Tylenol is bad for our Liver) When I asked them, they both looked at me and Said,(Off the Record) "Have you ever tried Medical M.J.?" I about fell off the Exam Table. I said what? They were both Serious. So, I went to a Cali. Doctor, he check my MRI and Medical Records, said son "Don't know how you are still walking. But if anyone one needs this Alternative Medicine, it's you." Every Since then, I've Tried "Blue Dream" and "Bubba Kush" I have cut back on the use of my Hydro's. But, I still use them (When I have to mow the Lawn, and Help around the house.)

    (I've been told by Other Pain Management Drs. That Eventually, I'll need a "Morphine Pump" but…
    I think I'll stay with the Medical M.J. for now.


  4. I just got some today some Hawaiian Maui Wowie I have a lot of depression the worst depression… ever carlos back pain… so anyhows call me cousin if you want to try it I'll text you in a little while on your phone cousin

  5. You should be in movies… you're very handsome, articulate and have a very pleasant demeanor. Oh and the info is great lol I'm an old lady and I need all the pain relieving tips I can get. I don't do well with pain medication I would much rather a natural source. Thank you kind Sir :o)

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