TOP 5 Oil Stocks To Buy For April 2021 (High Growth). 4R & LNR Indicators

Hello stock in investors, in this video I’m going over the top 5 oil stocks to buy for April. Every month I analyze hundreds of stocks and you want to watch this …

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  1. Hey Jerry, not sure if question of the day worthy…But, I'm curious how you personally value companies in different interest rate environments, and whether you discount their future cash flow differently in your analysis.

  2. Thanks a lot for great video!
    Can you please tell what is the optimal number of positions for your portfolio that will not hurt gains and will not be impacted by loses?

  3. Thanks for the update on AR. I bought some shares last week in my Roth IRA. I’ve only been investing for a year now, my accounts are getting larger & so are the swings . But I am positive overall & im hoping to continue that with a little help from you. I took some profits recently in the Roth account & this is thanks to you. I very well may have not sold anything but you have taught me when I should be taking profits & how to set stop losses. All the best to you Jerry!

  4. Jerry ….another great video, you really help educate the “rookie”investor, helping us understand the rules of the game ….love the Webull charting explanations in regards to support and stop loss !!!

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