UV Light Basics – Cannabis Growing Lessons

Today on Lex’s World I discuss the the UV portion of the light radiation spectrum and how it might concern you weed growers out there (spoiler; usually, …

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  1. Subbed lol….got me a mars hydro ts3000 with my stimulus money and the meanwell drivers both come with screws for adjusting the white leds or the uv independently either up or down throughout the growth cycle……sold at 75% capacity and meant to run at the 450 actual watts based upon this setting to reach the maximum lifespan….however if turned to 100% will pull 610 actual watts and allow the 1000 diodes on the board to REALLY shine though it WILL take a toll on the unit over time simply by disconnecting the drivers from each other and running them independently will increase their lifespan as well as being able to keep them cool ( mine are in front of my ac unit) ……quite a range and flexibility in this quantum board with MORE than enough power to produce professional results at beginners costs lol…..I'm not even a mars rep nor get anything from em ( but quality so far lol) I'm just REALLY pleased

  2. Agromax UV t5s work great for supplemental.
    Cannibis coats its blossoms with resinous substance known as THC in particular to protect itself blossoms from harmful UV radiation.

  3. Correction. UVA rays are far more damaging rays than UVB. UVA penetrate deeper into the skin and cause the most skin cancer. UVB however is known as burning rays and do not penetrate as deep into the skin as UVA. UVB can also cause skin cancer but are less dangerous than UVA. UVC of course are the most damaging and are now penetrating the ozone layer as well. It should be clarified and UVA rays do penetrate deeper and are more dangerous for the skin, but may be are more effective for plant growing.

  4. I just stumbled across some CFL 23watt UV bulbs. The glass spiral tube is black rather than white. i wonder if throwing a couple of these in the grow room would do any good or not?

  5. We receive more and more reports of growers who use the CleanLight Pro daily to strengthen their plants. A few seconds per day mimics the effect of natural sunlight.

  6. Hey Lex, thanks for all your growing videos. You sure are an experienced grower, but this episode is not quite accurate and incomplete. First, LED lights, blue and or white (phosphoruscoated commercial white) all produce sufficient UVA spectrum. Second UVB has been shown to increase resin and THC production. Plant sunscreen if you want. Just don't overdo it. Third I recomend supplementing any grow light, HID, Fluorescent and LED with UVB spectrum during flowering. For this I reccomend running a Mercury Vapor lamp for a few hours 4 to 6 hrs per day in addition to whatever you use. MV lights emit UVA and UVB in addition to visible light. They are cheap, long lasting and almost as efficient as fluorescents and easy to use e27 socket self ballasted. They are great for the last 2 weeks of flowering too for ripening off your buds. Some growers use metal halide for ripening but I strongly recommend mercury vapor for this because of the UVB. Just run it in addition to whatever you have it will bluen up your visible blue spectrum which creates more resin and terpines. The tradeoff is that more red spectrum makes for denser indoor style buds, thats why only blue up the spectrum in the last 2 weeks significantly. But do use MV lamps for the entire flowering period because of the UVB. Just don't overdo it. If you get lightburn you know its too much. Start with 2 hrs per day and work your way up.

  7. @Lex Blazer Hi Lex Please help??? Can a Mars Hydro Reflecor 480w grow , without having UV/infared , grow decent enough plants , plants?? My friend has one and now shhez freakin out sayin "everone says Mars is good but it dont have UV/IR , I dunno know?? Lol

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