What Happens to Your Brain When You're High?

What happens to a person when they are high? What is going on in your brain during this? It’s complicated what happens to us when we are high, but we’ll …

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  1. If y’all wanna know what a bad trip is like. It’s basically just when you get stuck in an anxiety loop. One time i was having a bad trip and kept thinking “My vape is dead” then I would think “my phone is dead too” then I would think “oh yeah I don’t have my computer cord” then I’d think “oh yeah I need to refill my vape” then I’d forget about it and the loop would repeat. It builds up anxiety and gives you a bad trip.

    If y’all take lsd or shrooms you need to make sure you are one hundred percent ready. Make sure you have everything you will need and that absolutely nothing will be bothering you for the next few hours. Tripping is something you should do when you need a break, so if you have to do things or be bothered you will probably have a bad time. Also make sure the place you are going to be tripping is clean. If I trip in a messy room it will get very claustrophobic because i am reminded of how messy it actually is when im tripping.

  2. What happens when hi and what does it feel like? Depends on the drug and with some drugs it depends on HOW to you take it (likemeth, for me, is a different high depending on weather I shoot it or smoke it!)

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