White House Staff Fired for Past Marijuana Use

Several young Biden White House staffers have been asked to resign, are suspended or are now working from home due to past marijuana use. Security …

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  1. I gotta say. While I didn't laugh at all, in this video I can clearly see you trying to be funny. There were actual jokes based in some truth. I wonder if kamala was one of those five let go.

  2. I am definitely wearing my mj glove the next time I binge on Doritos. Not only will it cover my orange hand, but maybe it will make me dance better too. Hopefully there are no kids under 10 around…

  3. In 2021 it's going to be pretty hard to find anyone who doesn't smoke pot recreationally. It has become so mainstream since it's become legal in many states. Magatears!

  4. Is it stupid, yes, but your are getting a federal job. Them are da rules. I had to take a drug test for the Post Office. If they knew they were applying and getting the job, there are ways around it. Need smarter potheads.

  5. So many presidents were high or drunk during their time in office
    JFK, Nixon.
    God only knows what Trump was on.
    Clinton smoked weed in college
    As did Obama
    The list goes on

  6. more than likely… The ''far'' right are gonna try their damnist 2 make life as hard as possible 4 Biden…damn EUNUCHS.. they have @ least 4 ''cocktails'' @ lunch time…maybe the GOP should be made 2 have a ''breathalyzer" B4 they reconveen after lunch

  7. It really is quite ironic that the last president really needed a little bit of green most days!
    Not surprising that the feds have an antiquated policy on this. Let’s hope that the federal approval of marijuana is not far off especially with as many states already on board.

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